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The Monument

The project was incepted when we looked at the historical condition of the existing house in this said lot. Pinnacle movies used this house as a backdrop in the 70’s such as “Leon at ang Daga” – a Fernando Poe movie, “Bagets,” and other cultural identifiers of the said era. What is missing in the Philippines culture is to recognize sites with historical context. We do have this mentality of destroy and re-build – if we look at cities of the past there is a certain sensitivity of recognizing places and things – we want this to be a future precedence on how people should re-develop cities – it’s all about integration in our studios. We can all learn from cities like Greeks, Romans and even Britannia – listed buildings because progress and growth in architecture and urban-planning is also related to the past. Derelict buildings can be repurposed.

In this context, the house is sliced in half – focusing on two areas that was most used in the film industry – the almost Titanic wooden baluster and the dining area – in the street entryway we wanted to make sound as an attractor for street passersby – the existing house is re-purposed as a Film Archives Center where they can do film screening as well having a historical corridor and a dance studio in its basement. The most perfect 3 bedroom layout is stacked almost like rice terraces having corner views for every bedroom and kitchen being the heart of every apartment – there is even two luxurious apartment that caters to the 360 degrees views as well as a self-contained apartment where solar panels is attached so consumption of energy will be free for the tenants. The brief was really to merge the old and the new template of living – these bespoke apartments, which is one apartment for floor really creates the idea of exclusivity. This monument signifies this philosophy of taking something that is historic and merging it into the fabric in the city – such as the “Hollywood” of the Philippines. The building intention was to build something to an existing historical space – but with this new configurations we actually created spaces that are private, stacked together like Lego blocks and using vegetation and garden to create this tropical illusion. The void space is new – being a public space – the building acts like a frame within a frame – being critical of the views of the city and with certain calculated arts capes that looks like floating from the sky.