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Infinity House

Is this a house or an object? A series of mockups-turned-sculptures are inspirations of this house. Our studio is inspired with everyday objects – sometimes we make models that seem unreal but actually real.

This deliberate approach to its intuitive process and where the idea of the sketch whether analog or digital becomes the driving force of design, as your mouse touches this software it’s a deliberate act of a sketch – it has logical data and parameters but there are also a will of elusive process that goes outside the realm of the digital, This two-part-process – the very non-linear approach is the heart of our studio – we are knowledgeable with technology but also sensitive in the cultural, locality, and the deliberate chance of introducing scenarios, everyday objects, social media, political agenda, Filipino pop-culture meme – or just being really inspired in our travels, where we live in, people we meet and even a certain moment – we thrive the imperfection of humanity as a catalyst of inspiration and change. For this house – the manifesto is actually a house of the didactic clientele finding meaning in everything and everywhere. Just like how it was just an object – it will always be an object – a paradoxical container for future living and the quest of the unknown.