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Helmsmann Tower

A client from the shipping industry was just bypassing one of the studio exhibitions in a gallery. He is understated but had this oooh-ha-ha moment where he understood what we were doing – topographical landscapes that could be a master plan in a city. He collected my artworks first – story of this curio user – upon entering his house and installing I felt the connection – with his minimalist interiors and his passion for architecture.

Fast forward – now we are building his headquarters in Greenfield – pegged as an eco-city. One of the few practices that respects and puts in consideration of the architecture and company branding – we made a concept that is inspired with movement – using the shipping scenarios and the houses on stilts we made floor plates that shifts to become garden spaces. Having a very interesting lot that has two accesses we maximized the commercial spaces. Offices are mixed loft spaces to create a courtyard feeling that we call “Wellness Offices.” The 8th floor, which is his headquarters, act like an oculus overlooking the city. Residential blocks have privacy looking at the mountainscape. The left and right elevation setbacks with different stacks floor plates create natural light and ventilation and the rooftop acts as a multi-purpose event space. We didn’t want to create a very generic block – trying to adapt to the different demographics in this location as well being sensitive to the environment.