Carlo Calma Consultancy Inc.

2009 onwards

Carlo Calma Consultancy Inc. was incubated in 2009 for the need to push boundaries in design thinking, architectural practice and construction spearheaded by a diverse team of theorists, artists, architects and engineers.

The philosophy of the company looks at the potentials creative effort, local-engagement, client-response, and contexts of sites and spaces as either cultural phenomena or gearing towards Filipino identity. With locality and sensitive underlay of programmatic indexes and matrix we create architectural fictions and address issues in both corporate and private realm. This new way of thinking is creating new waves of enthusiastic architects to create new types of living, enigmatic resort spaces, new found objects turned bespoke apartments, seeds for change with commercial aspect - meaning creating a typology that is a dream turned into a reality.

We harness Filipino skills and ingenuity and craftsmanship - we encourage a path of encouragement with rigor, containment and locality. We continue to produce works of quality, excellence and with attention to details to further question the discourse of the analog and the digital.

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